Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almost There... 37 Weeks - The 'Must Follow' Twitter Of The Year!

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Daddy and Mummy have been talking about whether or not he can use his iPhone in the delivery room at the hospital - what's a 'delivery room'? Is that like the delivery food that Daddy sometimes gets and tells me to keep it secret?... But it's very funny to see Mummy get angry :)

Daddy secretly told me that I have my very own Twitter account now, and that I should tell the readers of this blog to 'follow' me and get the 'play by play' action when I'm ready to emerge from Mummy's tummy!!

So you can follow the progress right here - please add me!: http://twitter.com/tiniestblogger

Today I'm 37-weeks and weigh more than 3kg. The friendly doctor said that I could come into the big world anytime now. I don't know if I'm frightened or excited!!

Anyway, Daddy has uploaded a new video today - I've got some sort of chord covering my mouth a lot of the time, but Daddy said that it's on YouTube and in high definition - I have no idea what that means. He also added some very pretty music to the video.


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