Thursday, July 1, 2010

My First 4D Ultrasound

12 comments Thursday, July 1, 2010
Well it's been a pretty long break since my last update. But now things are advancing very quickly and Mummy looks like she's been eating way too many doughnuts and hot dogs (her belly is "almost" as big as my Daddy's).

It's now been 27-weeks since my first discovery, and yesterday Mummy and Daddy saw me on a 4D Ultrasound for the first time. I decided to be naughty again - I stayed awake all night before, and was practicing my kicks for goal. I don't why Mummy was complaining - it was only 3:00am in the morning. So when the time came for the 4D scan, I decided to bury my head deep down low, put my arm across my left cheek and have a power nap. I wasn't waking up for anyone.

But still you can see my features quite clearly - see my cheek, eyes, nose, mouth, chin... do you think I'm as handsome as Daddy yet?


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